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Ok, now let's get real — what have you done and for whom?

Malmfalten was a technology and consulting firm, mainly into mining, that needed a creative generalist, who could also become well versed in the somewhat convoluted business of …

Kiruna Cargo

Kiruna Cargo was a startup business with the ambition to run the new railway terminal in Kiruna and to transform it into a fully realised logistics company. Since the venture was of great interest to the media …


LKAB is one of the largest mining companies in Sweden, and owns one of the largest underground iron ore mines in the world. I have done quite a bit of work for LKAB, most of it geared toward …


Moma was a company specializing in mobile web solutions, such as apps, CRM systems, and GPS maps. I did a lot of illustrating here – everything from computer monitors to lightbulbs and coffee beans …

Merkotex Sales Binder

Merkotex was a children’s retail company offering such things as baby carriages, pacifiers, and toys. This was mostly B2B, but the company also did some B2C marketing. I was engaged …