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Hello, and who might
you be then?

Hello, and welcome to my portfolio. I am flattered you would want to know more about me. My name is Terese Mörtvik and I am a creative in general, but a writer and copywriter above all. I also like to sing a song or two on occasion, photograph, illustrate, do layouts, or whatever else my devious little brain can come up with.

I come from the northernmost part of Sweden, Kiruna, to be exact – land of iron ore, midnight sun, aurora borealis, and some pretty freezing winters. I’ve spent time in other parts of Sweden as well, most recently Gothenburg, and also studied abroad for a short while many years ago. Ask me about the green towel, if you want to know more about that little episode. I fully support Douglas Adams’ claim that you should always, always, bring a towel when you go travelling.

If there is anything in particular you would like to know beyond this, send me a note. I am an open book.


Writing & Translation (EN/SE)
Design & Illustration
Educating & Public Speaking
Marketing & Communication
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