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Vad gör du på fritiden?

Jag är en riktig bokmal och skriver väldigt mycket. Något som jag alltid varit passionerat intresserad av är poesi. Visst, det är inte lika sexigt som snowboarding eller paragliding, med det är både avslappnande och terapeutiskt. Det är som meditation, med en penna.

Lament of the Wizened Child

Who will care for the children when your war, when the fighting, is done?


Be not gentle breeze come morning, be not the leaf that falls tonight.

I Will Not Settle

The beautiful roses -proof of your affection- I left them to rot

Ganymede Fallen

Unwashed hair hanging in stripes down a sodden back and a too pretty face,

The Reluctant Plant Sitter

She loved her Petunias, I tried to say no - the flowers would die! But, they needed a home.

Beloved Man

Dearest one, when I look at you, that smile you’re hiding beneath your silken strands; as I follow the path you trace,


"You're on the wrong track now," called the one eyed man on the Docks of Saint Paul's.


I play opera when the sun is about to set outside.

Audition Song

Sponsor me, I'm off to conquer the world for you.
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