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SEO Copywriting: Make Your Content Stick

SEO Copywriting: Make Your Content Stick

Post Series: Copywriting Basics
  • 1.SEO Copywriting: Make Your Content Stick

The Secret to Writing Keyword Rich SEO Copy

Keywords: SEO, writing, copy, “keyword rich”, content
Keyword density: 1.6
Word count: 500

For some time now SEO copy and keyword rich content have been buzzwords around the web. Whether you’re a copywriter doing content for a website or a journalist writing articles (yes, the difference really does feel miniscule by now); the SEO concept is one you’ll want to get familiar with.

What Is SEO Copywriting?

Well, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, so when you say that you want SEO content what you mean is that you want copy that has been written specifically with crawler search engines, such as Google, in mind.

A crawler search engine is one that regularly scours the Internet looking for content with ‘keywords’ that fit the ones people enter into its search field. So basically it crawls through all the slush to fetch the good bits for you, hence the name ‘crawler’.

Why Do We Want Keyword Rich Content?

If you have written in your search that you want content related to the words ‘fire truck man’ the search engine will crawl through the web looking for texts containing these words. It will then return with the pages that, according to its calculations, best correspond to the keywords you’ve specified. This is where writing your copy for SEO, or writing it ‘keyword rich’, comes into play.

In the example above, where someone is looking for articles containing the words ‘fire truck man’, the search engine may return with writing such as ‘the man bought a fire truck’, ‘truck on fire, one man dead’ and ‘fireman saves kitten’. Because the search engine always tries to be as helpful as can be it also lists the pages according to how many times the keywords feature in the content itself. It didn’t take long before people caught on to this and that’s why everyone wants articles and copy to be keyword rich these days.

How Do I Write Keyword Rich Copy?

Writing your copy with SEO in mind is not as hard as it may sound. If you’re not a web designer what it basically comes down to is a bit of creative insertion of words and a simple mathematical equation.

For example; you may get an order for keyword rich copy for a website where the keywords ‘love’ and ‘getting married’ are specified as well as a keyword density of 1.6 for all the front page articles.

Now what this actually means for say 400 words of keyword rich writing is that the customer wants ‘love’ and ‘getting married’ repeated throughout the articles a total of 6 times each. Whether or not you get any leeway with this when writing depends on how good you are at arguing your point.

How Many Times Do I Use Each Keyword?

Just multiply the keyword density with the total number of words in you writing, divide by a hundred, and whatever number you come up with, that is how many times your keywords should feature in your keyword rich copy.

Like this: (1.6×400)/100 = x

SEO content, here we come!

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