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LKAB is one of the largest mining companies in Sweden, and owns one of the largest underground iron or mines in the world. I have done quite a lot of work for LKAB, most of it geared toward Technical Documentation Management and the quality assurance of said documentation.

The work has entailed, among other things, developing routines, course material, and instructions; translating; coordinating the technical documentation work between suppliers, contractors, the project organization, and the end client; and basically making sure that everyone understands and conforms to the technical documentation requirements of this massive Swedish enterprise. In the more creative vein, I also helped develop an information booklet for people new to the organization (on picture).

  • Art Director
  • Copywriter
  • Technical writer
  • Information expert
  • Layout
  • Copywriting
  • Technical writing
  • Translation
  • Teaching/Consulting
  • Coordinating
  • Indesign
  • Microsoft Office
  • Powerpoint
  • AutoCAD

Other Projects

Please have a look at some of my other work as well, and don’t forget to visit the rest of the site. Have something to read, look at some pretty pictures, and take a load off.

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