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Outdoor Ad

I don’t think people should be afraid to use longer texts in advertising, even outdoors. Sometimes it’s just what the doctor ordered.

She stands on the pier, with so many others. Long skirts flutter like sails, where children play tag amongst the waves. The littlest ones cry — tears that mothers cannot shed. Is she one of them now? Next year, an eternity from now, yet much too close for comfort, will she stand here again then? Wave goodbye, not to a friend, but to a husband? Maybe with a little one of her own, hiding in her belly? No, that simply cannot be. She will not agree to such a fate. There are still unclaimed seats on those ships. There is still hope for a better life. All she needs is a ticket. America waits beyond the horizon.

Who were they, really? Those people who left for America so long ago? And who are the people who follow in their footsteps today? Visit Stadsmuséet’s exhibit on The Emigrants, if you too want to know more.


We know a little more


An outdoor ad for Stadsmuséet (Göteborg City Museum). To promote the exhibit Utvandrarna (The Emigrants). Ideally placed where people stand idle for a certain period of time, like at a bus stop or in the subway.

The campaign slogan is:
We know a little more.

The idea is to arouse genuine curiosity in people, making them want to read more and know more about the subject.

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