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A single, clean page is one of my favourite things to start out with. There are so many possibilities, and challenges, there.


If men had periods, sanitary pads would come in every which color, but mostly black. The packaging would contain dirty jokes and the like, to brighten up their day. Pads and tampons would be so heavily subsidized they were practically given away for free. Oh, and ‘sanitary pads’ would have a cooler sounding name, like ‘Reds’, or even ‘Red Carpet’.

Since men don’t have periods, and thus have not felt the need to help subsidize them, we can’t actually give these new pads we’ve come up with away for free. But we did make them prettier. And if you go to you can sign just that — a petition to get sanitary pads and tampons properly subsidized. Just choose your country and sign.

Because you deserve better.


This campaign has a lot of potential. You could do ‘Red  Carpet Events’ for example.

I understand that making ads for sanitary pads appealing can usually be a  bit tricky.   But this campaign, at least, is something I personally would enjoy seeing.

The campaign slogan is:
Because you deserve better.

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